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  • The coco tablet – also called soil tablet – is available in many different sizes, which, by adding water, expand to a small or larger portion of potting soil. For a large amount of potting mixture, multiple tablets can be used.

  • Name diameter Height Expansion Amount of water Number per box
    Coco30 30mm 10-12mm 50-70cc 25-35ml 2000
    Coco30V 30mm 17-19mm 90-100cc 40-50ml 1250
    Coco50 50mm 10-12mm 125-150cc 75-85ml 650
    Coco50V 50mm 15-18mm 300-325cc 150-175ml 400
    Coco60 60mm 12-15mm 200-225cc 100-125ml 450
    Coco60V 60mm 17-19mm 400-425cc 175-200ml 250
  • Is the required quantity not on the list? Feel free to contact us, we also provide made to measure quantities!