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  • Eco-grow’s coco tablets naturally!

  • In 2000, Eco-grow started the import of fertile cocopeat from India and Sri-Lanka to the Netherlands. Years of hard work went into the development of a fertile potting mixture in tablet shape. And not without success. Eco-grow is the first and only producer in Europe of the coco tablet: a very fertile and 100 percent organic product with endless possibilities. If at first, the reactions to the organic coco dust-based potting mixture, unfamiliar to the public, were hesitant, by now it has become a very natural choice, not only for the professional grower, but also for the private market! Eco-grow produces the coco tablet, made out of RHP-certified cocopeat. And distributes these tablets throughout Europe and the United States. Read all about the use of the coco tablet.

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  • Unique in Europe!